Home Lift(Hydraulic Lift)

We have a lift in which no designed Machine room is required as well as no pit room is required. The Home Lift is a wonderful package incorporating luxurious mix of technology, aesthetics and craftsmanship that can truly supplement the decor and comfort of your dream home. We also maintain safety and security standards at the optimum level. It adds as a helping aid for the disabled. Impress your guests with the multi-featured marvel designed with the kind of options that you and your architect would love to explore. It’s not just a luxury, but a status symbol too.


4 to 8 Passengers(Hydraulic)


2 to 5 Floors




0.5mps to 0.75mps

Hydraulic Good

500 to 5,000 kg

Reliable Lift’s Features

Interior and exterior up-gradation of lift with attractive finishing

Wide range of fall ceiling designs options for lighting in lift cabin Operating panel with Numeric lock password, RFID, Biometric in touch and buttons options

Standard controller is provided in a special cabinet of small dimensions

No need of dip pith and overhead

100% Customize solution

Only up direction power consumption