Hospital Lift(Stretcher Lift)

Hospital lifts are ideal solution for secure movement of patients, patients bed or wheelchair. Hospital Lifts are designed considering the specific needs of the hospitals and Patients and those need care. For this, it is necessary that it functions with absolute precision. Our Hospital Lifts are designed for people to easily enter and exit, and reach their destination quickly and comfortably. We offer Hospital Elevators in various sizes with 13, 15 and 26 passengers Capacity. A 26 Passengers stretcher lift can accommodate an OT bed, attendees along with the equipment. We offer different various of hospital lift-


13 to 26 Passengers


2 to 40 Floors


MR & MRL | Geared & Gearless


0.5mps to 2.5mps

Hospital Lift’s Features

Hospital Lifts installed with taking paitents care.

Lift Safety & Security is our optimum priority

Automatic Rescue Device always active during the decent even in case of motor failure

GSM System which will Connect to it any lift emergency

Communication system, or use it as an instant replacement of fixed lines via mobile (cellular) solution