Passenger Lift

Passengers lift is designed to take Passengers up and down a vertical lift shaft cabin and shaft sizes can vary in a passenger lift. We have different varieties of designs and models in passengers lift. Passenger Lifts are designed to suit every construction requirement, with trouble free performance and low maintenance cost. Passenger elevators capacity is related to the available floor space.
Generally passenger elevators are available in capacities from 6 to 20 passengers and speed varying between 0.5 Meter/sec to 1 Meter/Sec. Choice of passenger elevator typically depends on type of building (Commercial, Residential, Hotel, Mall, Housing Society etc.,) and parameter such as passenger traffic movement. Reliable Lifts offers all types of passenger elevator whether auto door or manually operated doors with variety of aesthetic choices for interior, flooring and false ceiling. We can also provide grouping of multiple elevators to reduce the waiting time of the passengers. Each passenger lift is fully equipped with the latest safety devices as required.


6 Passengers


22 Floors

Max Rise



1 m/s

Passenger Lift’s Features

Interior and exterior up-gradation of lift with attractive finishing.

Wide range of fall ceiling designs options for lighting in lift cabin

Lift Safety & Security is our optimum priority.

Operating panel with Numeric lock password, RFID, Biometric in touch and buttons options

Geared as well as gearless mechanism