Rolex is one of the most reliable companies, committed to delivering exceptional service. With extremely satisfied customers in India and Abroad. They pride themselves on being the best in the elevator sector. They successfully deliver products on time.

It all began with a dream Mr. Sarwar Sheikh, the promoter of Rolex, saw this need for vertical transportation much ahead of his time. Mr.Sheikh is a Mechanical engineer and has an Experience of 35 Years. He started commercial production of elevator manufacturing and installation in 1997 at Surat Gujarat.

Best Quality Support

100% Quality Design

Professional Expertise

100% Quality Design

Our Process of Installation


Order Confirmed


Delivery of 30%
Basic material on customer place


Installation of basic Material

Scaffolding Installation
Bracket Installation
Guide Rail Installation
Door Frame Installation
Template Installation


Complete Material
on site


Control Panel Installation


Testing & Commissioning


Why Rolex

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Features We Provide

Expertise in Elevator

Rolex has been using only its own expertise and technical know how since its incorporation. It is always focused on the satisfaction of customer requirements and safety.

Design & Production

All Rolex products are designed by specialized ROLEX engineers and manufactured at ROLEX plant.

Careful Selection of Components

Rolex prefers the highest quality components starting from the design stage and never compromises on quality during production processes .

Safety Features

  • Over Speed Governor
  • Infrared Floor Sensors
  • Low Voltage Safety
  • Audio Floor Announcement
  • Single Phase Preventer
  • High Voltage Safety
  • Battery Operated Alarm Bell
  • Top to Bottom final limit
  • Automatic rescue device(ARD)
  • Digital floor & direction indicator in car & landing
  • Elevator car landing floor safety with mechanical & electrical circuit